28 March 2007

Message for blog-site visitors

Thank you for visiting this blog-site.

En bloc / Collective Sales hits close to home (pun fully intended) for all private property owners.

I have created this blog-site to share my thoughts and whatever little I know about this topic ... some of the inherent gaps and pitfalls that Dissenters to an en bloc / collective sale may want to be mindful of, especially if you are in the midst of one or under imminent threat.

I welcome you to share your views.

If you AGREE with my suggestions or you have BETTER IDEAS, post your comments and share with us your sentiments (your affirmation would also encourage me in this quest and create greater awareness of our common woes).

If you DISAGREE, feel free to post your comments too. We all have different needs and therefore we come from different angles. I trust that we can AGREE TO DISAGREE AMICABLY. No need to be rude or crass and if you must be sarcastic, then at least be witty about it!

We each have varying needs as Tenants, Investor-Owners, Owner-Occupants or merely as Concerned Citizens with a social consciousness. Surely, we can create "space" (pun again fully intended) for each other in a civil society, eh?