26 April 2007

Sustainable DE-Construction and Sustainable Living

GENTLE REMINDER: The Ministry of Law's Public Consultation on the forthcoming legislative review of this law is ENDING SOON (Closing Date: 12 May 2007).
Pls, pls, pls do your part and e-mail your views to:


With the Gahmen's latest buzzword being "Sustainable Construction" following Indonesia's sand ban and granite chip control, I have coined the flip-side of:
"Sustainable DE-Construction" and
"Sustainable Living".


Anonymous said...

With a lot of bad publicity of en-bloc, the Sales Committee are getting smarter in their tactic.
For example, in my condo, they call for an open meeting where everyone is invited. In the meeting, they ask everyone to agree on who should be in Sales Committee. Another word, they get everyone's agreement that they are legitimate Sales Committee.

The Pariah said...

Even if they do that, fundamental issues on "proper representation" remains (see paras 6 and 7 of my blog page on "Share Values; Sales Com").

On what basis does one agree on who to plonk on the Sales Com - based on how loudly they talk or that you have seen their faces previously or the size of their units?

After you "agree" that they are legit, what's there to assure you that their actions as the Sales Com are in your best interests? In other words, there is no basis for your upfront "agreement".

That's why it's important to get MinLaw to legislate (a) the settlement options and (b) the apportionment method. Do take part in MinLaw's Public Consultation - it's ending soon (12 May)!!!

Dr Minority said...

I think you might find this entry interesting :)


CPR said...

One thing I was really annoyed with this whole signature process, was when of the marketing or sales guys were pestering me to contact my landlord so he can sign. Was I that stupid to give him his number so I can lose my present residence???? Please!! It was very annoying, getting phone calls everyday- and them pretending to be nice... with fake half bows... perpetual smiles. It was pathetic. I could smell the greed a mile away. I didn't contact my landlord. In fact- my landlord is a very hard person to reach- I havent seen him since I signed the lease 2 years ago! Did he really think I was that stupid??

The Pariah said...

Dear CPR:

Indeed these marketing agents could get pesky! Similarly, en bloc flippers join their Brigade of Pesky Pests!

Singapore passed the Spam Control Act on 1 July 2007 to prevent people from being hustled and hassled by unsolicited SMS and e-mail messages. Yet in the sanctity of our "home sanctuary", we are at the total mercy of these Pesky Pests who call you on your fixed tel line, ring your door bell or do mail drops of detailed en bloc feasibility study of your estate with claims that they have ready buyers ... and their mantra is - wanna sell, wanna sell, how much, good price, how much, just name your price!

Should we then be "sitting ducks"? If the solicitation is unauthorized or excessive, should we do our bit and lodge official complaints with The Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV), the Association of Singapore Real Estate Agents (ASREA) and the Real Estate Developers' Association of Singapore (REDAS)???

Ever wonder how these Pesky Pests got hold of your name, tel number and ownership details? There's the Internet Yellow Pages of course. But there's also sale of ownership data by Gahmen agencies which is intended for legitimate purposes but is now misused for EN BLOC PREDATION!

As in most things in Life, it takes Two Hands to Clap. If you keep quiet, the authorities can claim that they are not aware. If you say your piece to the relevant authorities/bodies and the misconduct of marketing agents is "allowed" to continue, then the ball is now clearly with these authorities/bodies and you can watch how they kick this ball around (or not at all). In the realm of deep Daoism philosophy:
"Action is Non-Action;
Non-Action is Action".